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"Sogno o son desta?"

(Do I dream or am I awake?)

The arts are the rainforests of society.

They produce the oxygen of freedom,

and they are the first alarm system

to go off when freedom is in danger.
(June Wayne)

Revelation 13-16,17:

16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slaves, to receive a mark on their right hand and forehead;


17 so that they could not by or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

Do I dream or am I awake?


this is the title of my last work.

I would like to explain what led me to create it.....

This upheaval of my soul, small vicissitudes of a child and a deep feeling of my soul that something is wrong!

With this work, I want to communicate all this:

"Nights of shocking dreams... anxiety and fear every time chatting or even just looking at the publications on the social networks of friends, I perceive the change that the last two years and especially the introduction of the "green pass", have created".

Closed the Green Pass, or so it seems, here comes the war!


Those who knew me know that before I was a dreamer... for me the glass was always half full and


I could always find something positive even where others did not see it.


I succeeded in the end even in my biggest loss!


A person whose smile was a source of warmth.


And yet now, my whole soul...

the deepest part of me, screams that what happens is WRONG.


They accused me of offending jews with this work, yet Vera Sharav, a Jewish survivor of the death camps and humanitarian activist, perceived the same feelings and explains them in words better than I do.

Here's the reason for his video!


Vladimir Bukovsky:

" Watch out for the EU: The Gulags started exactly like this. "


The Russian dissident who warned us.

Video kindly granted by Byoblu (INDEPENDENT ITALIAN RADIO/TV CHANNEL):



There’s in people simply an urge to destroy, an urge to kill, to murder and rage, and until all mankind, without exception, undergoes a great change, wars will be waged, everything that has been built up cultivated, and grown will be destroyed, and disfigured, after which mankind will have to begin all over again (Anne Frank)


How was it possible that so many men – almost an entire people – could decide to persecute innocent people, women, children, old comrades in arms in this way?

It must have seemed, probably, something more like a bad nightmare than the real reality.

And yet it happened. Yet that institutionalized madness was the order of the day. And men seemed to have lost all faith, all call to a moral principle, to a rule to be followed.


Let's do 4 accounts

<< We want to honestly tell ourselves that it is bad that an 85-year-old with diabetes, hypertension and pulmonary insufficiency dies, because it is bad that he dies, but this has been happening since the dawn of time during the cold season, because the already weak body of these individuals catches the coronavirus or the adenovirus or a rhinovirus, then it happens that the patient of 80 and passes years, despite antibiotics, and all the therapies, maybe he dies because his heart or his immune system, in short his body can no longer overcome even a cold despite medical support
The over-80s are the victims of the C19, because they are almost all the victims, so in making public health decisions for an entire people, we are not looking at the 0.00... but where is the real problem...
Even assuming the ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) numbers of 2020, we are talking about the 0.2% of the victim population of C19, which is the same percentage of the annual victims of seasonal influenza, which in 2020 has magically disappeared...
Let's also admit that the flu virus has disappeared and has been replaced by the coronavirus, which behaves exactly like the flu virus...
Do you know what it is?
It's life, unfortunately you die like this and it has always happened and it happens much more since someone decided that it was necessary to cut health care, which has meant that each of those elderly worsened the state of general health...
And not only the cuts but also the push of the whole health and food world towards the use of drugs increasingly pressing in the health and food field and finally in recent decades, the push towards vaccines, because Bigh Pharma were losing patents and could not patent new drugs...
This is the real problem...

Is it ugly?


Does it depend on a new virus?

No, it depends on how we have managed healthcare and it depends on how we live today mainly in cities.

Is this a good reason to destroy the social, economic and political life of an entire country?
No, as far as I'm concerned it's crazy to do it, it is more convenient to increase spending on preventive health education and therapies...

You don't mess up the world by 0.2%, simply because it's stupid, schizoid, neurotic, paranoid, it doesn't make sense, as an adult I learned that you react to situations in proportion to the importance they have

Can the solution for that 0.2% be a vaccine?

Very well, let's use it and give it as a medical option, after being sure that it has been certified like all the drugs that have been used so far and in the meantime we use therapies and research that bring that 0.2% maybe to 0.1%...
This is what any political leader who is faced with a new epidemic that affects in that way... It certainly does not spread terror, it certainly does not prohibit the typical therapies for similar viral diseases (the coronavirus has been known for decades), it certainly does not prohibit autopsies, it certainly does not impose a single protocol of tachypyrine, it certainly does not impose draconian social measures that worsen the social and economic life of the entire country, that is, of 97% of subjects not at risk... and how much longer could I go on?

Nothing that has been done is what common sense and clinical practice suggest in the case of epidemics of this magnitude...
If you want to discuss away from the megaphones of the newspapers and the bigoted moralisms of the neoliberals, bring me different numbers, bring me the numbers from health disaster and then you can talk about emergency

Without those numbers, this is a joke, which only serves to make money to 2 pharmaceutical companies and perhaps also to other interests, which however are not demonstrable...
Se non fosse così, non si sarebbe diffuso questo fanatismo tra i mass-media.
If this were not the case, this fanaticism would not have spread among the mass media.

Precisely this is the most obvious sign that it is a bale; because spin doctors know well that to work there must be a compact and shouted cover so that every dissenting voice is silenced or ridiculed... This is the professional sign of propaganda and where there is propaganda, there are lies, money, power...>>


<< Here's what happens to those who disagree... nice country, really nice country! And then they criticize Putin?

What do we do now? Do we execute him, shooting him in the back of the head and then charge the cost of the bullet to the family?

But in the end those who agree can rest assured, just always agree...

Let's be clear, the question today is to condemn and discriminate against some people because they claim the right to freedom of choice over their health

There are no reasons and justifications to violate this right and its violation is a violent act of an authoritarian government that acts outside the Constitution, but unfortunately with the support of the majority of the population, which in fact stands against the Constitution and proves once again that Massimo D'Azeglio was right: "we made Italy, now we have to make Italians"
If even today the majority of the people can conceive a fascist thought while being under plagiarism, then it means that the Italian nation does not exist. >>


<<.... the whole nation INCITED BY THE MEDIA he takes his guilt for granted.

Under the guise of a patriotic master of nigth-club, which wants to spare Jacqueline Kennedy the stress of testifying at the trial,

Jack Ruby is let into the underground garage by one of his contacts in the Dallas Police Force....

Oswold is taken out like a sacrificial lamb and comfortably dismissed as an enemy of the people...

Who mourns them Harvey Oswold?.....


Within a few minutes false statements and rumors about Oswold, go around the world, the official legend was created and is taken up by the MEDIA.....>>

The epic splendor of JFK's funeral confuses the eye and blurs the logic...



<< The bigger the lie,

the more people will believe it! >>


It gives birth to tremendous questions in our souls.

What is our constitution made of?...

How much are our rights and especially our lives worth?...


Why were they hidden or destroyed by the government?

When we asked these questions:
We were answered NATIONAL SECURITY...

What national security can allow the removal of fundamental powers from the hands of the people.... and endorse the establishment of an invisible government....


That kind of security... it smells, tastes and looks the same of that thing that has only one name: FASCISM...  (taken from the final harangue of Oliver Stone's JFK.)

A bit of history:

The Matteotti murder and the secession of the Aventine and the STATE of EMERGENCY


In view of the elections of April 6, 1924 Mussolini passed a new electoral law (so-called "Acerbo Law") which would have given two-thirds of the seats to the list that had collected 25% of the votes.

The election campaign was held in a climate of unprecedented tension with intimidation and beatings.

The list led by Mussolini obtained 60.9% of the votes.

On May 30, 1924, the socialist deputy Giacomo Matteotti took the floor in the Chamber of Deputies contesting the results of the elections.

On June 10, 1924, Matteotti was kidnapped and killed.

The opposition responded to this event by retreating to the Aventine (Aventinian Secession), but Mussolini's position held until August 16 when Matteotti's decomposed body was found near Rome.

Men such as Ivanoe Bonomi, Antonio Salandra and Vittorio Emanuele Orlando then put pressure on the king to dismiss Mussolini but Vittorio Emanuele III appealing to the Albertine Statute replied: "I am deaf and blind. My eyes and ears are the House and the Senate," and so he did not intervene.

What exactly happened on New Year's Eve 1924 will perhaps never be ascertained.

On January 3, 1925 in the Chamber Mussolini recited the famous speech in which he assumed all responsibility for the events that took place:

«I declare here, in the presence of this House and in the presence of all the Italian people, that I alone assume political, moral and historical responsibility for all that has happened.

If the more or less crippled phrases are enough to hang a man, off the pole and out the rope!

If fascism was nothing but castor oil and baton, and not a superb passion of the best Italian youth, it is my fault!

If fascism was a criminal association, I am the head of this criminal association!

If all the violence was the result of a certain historical, political and moral climate, well I am responsible for this, because I created this historical, political and moral climate with a propaganda that goes from the intervention to today.»


With this speech Mussolini had declared himself dictator, and assumed the following year the title of duce; in the two-year period 1925-1926 a series of liberticidal measures were issued: all non-fascist parties and trade union associations were dissolved, all freedom of the press, assembly or speech was suppressed, the death penalty was restored and a special court was created with very wide powers, able to send people unwelcome to the regime to confinement with a simple administrative measure.

From history the thoughts of people who existed:



"A day will come when it will be the greatest honor to have the title of citizen of the Reich as a sweeper. than to be in a foreign state, and this day will certainly come, for, in a world like ours, that allows the mixing of races, a state that devotes all its efforts to the development of the best racial elements he must fatally become the master of the world." (Adolf Hitler)


"Anti-Semitism for us is not a matter of ideology, but of cleanliness." (Heinrich Himmler)


"In 1944, when we were deported to Birkenau, I was a fourteen-year-old girl, amazed by the horror and wickedness. Sunk into loneliness, cold and hunger. I didn't even understand where they had taken me: no one knew about Auschwitz then." (Liliana Segre)


"Cry of despair and warning to humanity may this place where the Nazis killed about one and a half million men, women and children, mainly Jews, from various countries of Europe." Auschwitz - Birkenau 1940-1945


"You're not a Nazi, Jojo. You are a ten-year-old boy who likes to wear a funny uniform and who wants to be part of a group." (From the movie Jojo Rabbit)


"I don't know, and I don't care to know, if a murderer lurks in my depths, but I know what an innocent victim I was and murderer no; I know that murderers have existed, not only in Germany, and still exist, and that confusing them with their victims it is a moral illness or an aesthetic quirk or a sinister sign of complicity; above all, it is a precious service rendered (intentionally or not) to the deniers of the truth. It remains true that, in Lager and outside, there are gray, ambiguous people, ready to compromise. The extreme tension of the Lager tends to increase its ranks." (Arrigo Levi)


Understanding is impossible, knowing is necessary, because what has happened can return, consciences can again be seduced and obscured: even ours (PRIMO LEVI)


"He wasn't stupid, he was just without ideas. That distance from reality and that lack of ideas, they can be much more dangerous than all the evil instincts that are perhaps innate in man. This was the lesson of Jerusalem. But it was a lesson, not an explanation of the phenomenon, nor a theory." (Hannah Arendt)


"The nineteenth century sowed the words that the twentieth century matured in the atrocities of Stalin and Hitler. One hardly finds an atrocity committed in the twentieth century that was not prefigured or even supported by some noble 'man of words' in the nineteenth century." (Eric Hoffer)


"At the end of the war, the fascists and Nazis who ended up in the Istrian foibe were a small minority. Catholics opposed to communist atheism suffered that fate, democrats who did not intend to betray their Italianness, landowners who did not want to be stripped of their goods without breathing, workers who believed they could choose their destiny with the vote. (Marino Micich)

Do I dream or am I awake???

I hear him talking....

I read the subtitles and...

although I am a dreamer with my heart towards the glass half full, I can only ask myself:


"But only I see these things?"


In this video of the 2010,

Bill talks about reducing the population

<< with vaccines, health and reproductive health (if they are good!) >> (

because the rest of the things in the equations are good and/or necessary;


In that of 2015 they predict the next weapon of extermination: a lethal virus, but be careful the image is that of the CORONAVIRUS ".

How can you know this 4 years in advance?

Is he a fortune teller?

Why did they know that if they knew it, did they not start restoring health centers?

I am impressed by what I hear and read.

I translated and retranslated it, but in the end the meaning does not change.

In a multiplication if you exchange factors, the result is always the same.

To bring the multiplication to 0... some of the factors must tend to 0.


But if tv etc are good and must grow, if the energy can be reduced but not too much because it is necessary and its cost, although green, is necessary....

what should tend to 0?


I leave to you your interpretation of this....

Who saves a life,

               save the whole world.

(Itzhak Stern - 1287)

Per aspera ad astra

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